Who needs a key safe?

Health And Social Care Services

A Sentinel key safe can give access to those who need it most. They are often installed for older or disabled people who have regular home visits by a carer or support worker. A Sentinel key safe makes life a lot easier.

Local Authorities

Government departments, schools, hospitals and social housing can all benefit from using Sentinel key safes. Having the ability to give contractors, employees and visitors access to un-manned areas/buildings can save a lot of time and money.

Emergency Services

In an emergency every second counts. For an elderly or disabled person a fall in the home can have devastating consequences. If the emergency services, a carer or a neighbour can get access to the property and help the person quicker, without damaging property. A Sentinel key safe really could mean the difference between life and death.

Property Managers

Sentinel key safes are a great tool for anyone managing a number of properties. Whether it’s holiday homes, a caravan park or flat rentals; a Sentinel key safe can save time and money by giving authorised access to properties without the need of being there to give customers keys.

Holiday Home Owners

Your time at the holiday home should always be a relaxing one. You shouldn’t worry about who had the keys last, or if you gave them to a friend. A Sentinel key safe will secure the keys at the property and make them always available.

Boat Owners

If you own a boat, either for private or commercial use, a Sentinel key safe would secure the keys exactly where you need them - The Sentinel key safe is just as easy to install on a boat as it is on a building. Not only are they waterproof but also salt water resistant. It can be mounted discreetly and acts as an easy way to exchange keys with clients or family members.