The Sentinel Outdoor Key Safe

A Sentinel outdoor key safe provides quick, convenient and controlled access to keys outside. Both the wall mountable and shackle variants of the Sentinel outside key safe have an array of different applications, from storing a spare set of keys for forgetful teenagers to securing boat or caravan keys for hire use.

Sentinel key safes are market leaders for a number of reasons. They are user friendly and simple to install and require no power supply which is extremely environmentally friendly and economical. Their design allows them to be installed out of sight/camouflaged.

Both styles of outdoor key safe are made of aluminum and steel, which makes them both lightweight yet hardwearing. The shutter door of each safe is coated with weather resistant paint and the shutter hatch is made of plastic. This combination of materials makes the Sentinel key safes virtually indestructible and with over 10,000 safe combinations, an extremely safe way to store keys outside.

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